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Cameron Khare

I am excited to volunteer with young people who are curious about coding and computer science. I have worked as a camp counselor during summers and volunteered as peer mentor for students with disabilities. In addition, I have been a Teaching Assistant in the required computer science course for high school students at Francis W. Parker, in addition to completing 4 computer courses (at Parker) and private independent courses with national institutes (Inspirit AI, Tech ID). Most recently, I also completed a summer course at New York University called "Computer Science for Good" in which I co-developed a new application for monitoring epilepsy symptoms. In my free time, I like to weightlift, play tennis, bake desserts, travel, and build Legos. I am easy-going, down to earth, and trustworthy. I hope you will invite me to volunteer with your team. I was recommended by my computer science mentor at Parker, Ms. Brianna Ifft. I am happy to conduct an interview with you and attend necessary volunteer trainings. I am available in the evenings and weekends.

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Joined: Feb. 15, 2024