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Erik Talbot

Hello! I've been looking at volunteer activities to make a difference in the community, and this seems like a chance to leverage my professional experience in order to share skills with kids who might not have the opportunity. I'm a software engineer at a biotech company that does cancer research - I mostly focus on backend web development and data engineering now. I'd previously worked at a nonprofit, working across the full stack. In my free time, I like tinkering with raspberry pis to see what fun projects I can come up with. Apart from the technical side, I've often found myself involved in teaching others. I've been a swim lesson instructor for groups and private lessons, so have experience teaching kids at a variety of ages. Also, before becoming a software engineer, I'd worked as a consultant specializing in training design and curriculum development - so familiar with many discussions around pedagogy. I'd love to use my technical and instructional background to make coding opportunities available for kids who may not otherwise have the same privileges as me or are underrepresented in the software development community as a whole.

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Joined: May 17, 2021