Does my child need to already know code?

There are no requirements for attending a We All Code class other than bringing yourself and a desire to learn. Every Dojo teaches a basic introduction to making a webpage as a starting point to learning how to code. From there, children begin to learn how to code in more advanced languages by learning from each other and from the mentors.

What is the age range of the students?

Approximately 7–17 years old.

On average how many students are at each session?

Between 10–30 students.

What level IT skills do students need at the start?

It's recommended that they have used a computer and browsed the internet before but no real computer skills are needed. The point is to introduce kids to programming and inspire them to explore technology on their own.

What level of code you are offering at classes?

Our Dojo develops content to suit the students and mentors in attendance. We All Code recommends HTML as a good starting point to demonstrate to kids that they can actually create content. This will encourage progression into more complex programming with functions/loops/variables etc.

Who are the volunteers?

Volunteers include parents, teachers and programmers from the industry who are enthusiastic about helping kids to develop their coding skills.

Can I stay with my child during the class?

Yes! We highly encourage parents to stay with their children throughout the process. This allows everyone to learn something new and amazing!

Do we need to provide a laptop?

That depends on the curriculum, class size and location. Please check the email you receive when signing up.

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